Cfnm Dare During Interview

Episode from Cfnm Adventures

Cfnm Dare Interview

The older teacher from the UK girls only school comes up with a plan for the upcoming lesson. She posts an ad to local newspaper in which she invites all guys under the age of 25 to come to work. There is a certain address and time by which male applicants need to show up in there too. Needless to say that all men who come are in for a big Cfnm Surprise. The whole interview is captured on candid camera so there is an opportunity to see what happens there. Male applicants are dared to strip in front of all-female audience, punished and much more…

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The Biology Cfnm Lesson

Episode from Cfnm Adventures

Biology Cfnm Lesson

Naughty schoolboy Philip is about to get punished by his young female teacher in front of the whole class consisting of mischievous students from the girls’ only school. He is forced to strip naked and become a nude male model for the girls’ biology lesson which is about to start. The tearful guy quickly discovers that it is too late for an apology as his clothes get ripped off him in second to expose his naked muscled body for intimate examination by biology teacher. She describes his body and then points her cold metal pen on various parts of humiliated Philip…

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